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Choosing Your Financial Advisor

Selecting a Financial Professional is a lot like selecting the family doctor. When selecting the person that is going to help you achieve your various financial goals keep in mind that this person plays an integral role in your success.

The ensuing process is all about Communication. It is imperative that you and your investment professional understand each other and are comfortable talking to each other. As a rule this means you share the same values. The quality of the advice you receive is predicated upon your financial professional understanding the importance as well as the meaning of the answer(s) you supply to his or her questions. If communication breaks down the process ceases to be effective, in some cases a misunderstanding can cause a very negative outcome.

Financial professionals can assist you in the following ways:

Assess your relevant financial history, such as tax returns, investments, retirement and estate planning, wills,
and insurance policies.

Review your net-worth statement, examine your debts, and determine if any should be consolidated, paid
off from other available funds, or refinanced.

Help you decide on a financial plan, based on your personal and financial goals, history, preferences, and
psychological investment risk-level.

Identify financial areas where you may need help, such as building up a retirement income, improving your
investment returns, buying or selling an insurance policy, tax saving suggestions, etc.

Write down a financial plan based on your individual situation in language you can understand and discuss it thoroughly with you to make sure you are comfortable with it.

Help you implement your financial plan, including referring you to specialists, such
as lawyers or accountants, if necessary.

Review your situation and financial plan periodically and suggest changes in your program when needed.

When identifying the financial professional who is right for you, it is important to take the time to thoroughly understand your own needs as well as the services that this individual will provide. Please contact us at 800/ 765-5004 x. 248 if you would like to be referred to a financial professional in your area.

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